Juniors Golf

2019 Bell Trophy


Rules (Click Here)


Junior Bell Salver Teams 
1 Milnathort 1 5 Dunning
2 Muckhart 6 Taymouth
3 Crieff 7 Auchterarder
4 Strathmore 8 Milnathort 2
Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4
Muck v Miln 1 Crieff v Strath Tay v Muck Auch v Dun
Crieff v Miln 2 Miln 1 v Auch Auch v Miln 2 Miln 2 v Strath
Strath v Auch Miln 2 v Tay Strath v Miln1 Muck v Crieff
Dun v Tay Muck v Dun Dun v Crieff Tay v Miln 1
Match 5 Match 6 Match 7  
Miln 1 v Crieff Strath v Dun Auch v Crieff
Strath v Muck Miln 2 v Miln 1 Miln 2 v Muck
Dun v Miln 2 Muck v Auch Miln 1 v Dun
Tay v Auch Crieff v Tay Tay v Strath
Club Junior Convenor/Contact Contact Email
Auchterarder Golf Club Marc Gardiner 07557 802033 marc@stephengardiner.co.uk
Archie Dunn 07921 070975 archiedunn@aol.com
Crieff Golf Club Rab Baldie (Scr League) 01738 828263 rwbaldie@gmail.com
Scott Brady (Junior Bell) 07775 757689 scott.brady@maccaferri.co.uk
Dunning Golf Club  Kevin Graham 01738 565174 kevin121070@blueyonder.co.uk
David Taylor (Junior Bell) 07787 714303 davidtaylor111431@btinternet.com 
Milnathort 1 & 2 Alastair & Gillian Wallace 01577 861228 alastairwallace@btinternet.com
Muckhart Golf Club Mike Seath 07515 284918 mikeseath@btinternet.com
Strathmore Golf Centre Iain Butchart 07707657233  iain@ianddinsurance.co.uk
Taymouth Castle Susie Lumsden 01887 829118 susanna.lumsden@btinternet.com
Each Team to play 7 matches.  Teams with 4 "Home" Games this year will get 3 "Homes" next year & vice versa
Matches can be played in any order - it depends on each club to ensure that all matches are played.
The Final is scheduled for Sun 29th Sept - so all Matches need to be played by end of August if possible.
Semi-Finals will be one-off matches at neutral venues for the Top 4 Teams following the "Round Robin".


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